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Note to Collectors:
If you are interested in collecting my work, below is most of what you will need to know. 
Currently, my work can be divided into three categories - larger one of kind sculptures, technical drawings, and small editions of pocket sized sculptures.
Major Works and Drawings:
If you are interested in my larger "one of a kind" sculpture listed under the "Sculpture works" section of this site, please know that most of my catalogue has already been taken into collection, so availability is very limited. But please drop me an email and I can provide you a list detailing what works are still open for collection, as well as pricing.
Technical drawings: Drawings are available in open editions, I can provide a price list via email.
Commissions: If you would like to discuss commissioning a work, also drop me a line.
My email:
Pocket Sculptures and other design editions:
If you are interested in one of my limited edition pocket sized works, such as my Sliders or Vessel series works, you should know that each edition is only offered during a one time release and sign up event. So if you missed this window, you will not be able to acquire older pieces from me.
I would encourage you to join my mailing list at the link below to receive notice of new works and sign up events. This goes for large works as well as small. 
Again, I do not re-issue old designs, everything is one time only, so If you missed the initial release, you will be unable to purchase the work from me.
Due to the extreme popularity of these editions, they often sell out in just a few minutes, so it is important to receive the newsletter and updates to be properly notified should you be interested in collecting future works as they become available. 
Thank you for your interest in my sculpture and I look forward to hearing from you.


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