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I Have a New Book!

By all rights, Machining should have been embraced by artists long ago. During the 20th century, many industrial crafts were developed into studio art mediums. Because of a quirk of history however, the crafts movement would reject many forms of automation. Seen as inexpressive, expensive, and inaccessible, Machine tools would be largely relegated to their industrial role until the early 2000’s. 


With the rise of the Maker movement and a boom in accessible digital fabrication technologies, many artists began to see the potential for expression within the highly technical machine trades.


This book explores the history of Machine work, as a fine art craft, through the lens of Chris Bathgate’s pioneering sculpture practice. It serves as a contemporary reflection on the modern state of craft, and a historical corrective to the technological dogmas that emerged during the studio craft movements of the 20th century. 

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